Bots Invading Online Casinos

Bots Invading Online Casinos

Just like how we have the changing months and days, in the same way technology is also changing everyday at a rapid pace. Technology never stands still and the new inventions and technologies around us are changing the world we live in today. This onset of technology and the extensive use of gadgets and mobile phones have set foot on the gambling world as well, leading to the invention and popularity of the online casinos.

As long as people have access to the internet, they can log in to any of the online gambling sites from anywhere in the world. This raises the question of the beneficial technologies in the gambling or the online casino singapore industry. Bots are considered as the elephant in the room, and many casino owners are concerned about the potential risks it poses to the industry, players as well as the society. In this article, let us understand the deal with bots used in online casinos.

What are Bots?


Bots are short form for ‘robots, ‘ and their task is to automate the online repetitive tasks performed by humans, which otherwise is extremely time-consuming. Due to the time efficiency, most of the online websites today, run their tasks on bots. However, the evolution of these bots is both a boon, and a bane to society.

Gambling bots that are used in the online casino websites work on the Application Programming Interface (API), specifically used to place bets effectively and efficiently. The bots do this by using reprogrammed betting strategy to place all the bets. Technically, they are the gamblers running on Artificial Intelligence.

Even though the gambling bots are limited to their programmed memory, the increase in the efficiency of Artificial intelligence technology used in them, mimic human behavior like bluffing in poker or taking time between bets to add a realistic touch.

 Fear of bots in online casinos

Despite the intelligence and the extreme level of subtlety shown by the bots, the online casino websites often fear such reprogrammed “humans.” The main reason is because they’re highly accurate, calculative and fast moving, when opposed to humans who tend to commit mistakes. Hence, this skims the chances of odds of online casinos making money.

Any type of casino — weather online or offline, are in for the business, and the money. The increase in the casino bots are feared by the online casinos as they slim their chances of making money. But, that’s exactly what the bots are programmed to do — beat the system without cheating.

But the main problem arises due to the fact that these bots are extremely difficult to track and they’re merely a username and a password which are encrypted. On the contrary, the online casinos themselves make use of bots in the form of dealers to track down cheaters and sabotage extremely skilled players.

 Bottom Line

It is to be seen what future holds for these bots in the online casinos, but for now, the bots will always be a problem for the online casinos and their revenue generation.


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