Youth Programs

Black Box Studios’ Youth Programs offer a nurturing and educational environment for children who want to become involved in theater and the performing arts.

Classes help students learn the fundamentals of performing, using an improv-based method that Black Box’s founders developed during their years working in professional theater in New York City. Children are introduced to the basics of acting, such as voice, movement, and character development, and then apply what they’ve learned by performing scenes and songs with their teachers and classmates.

Through these acting classes, students also learn skills vital to their futures outside of theater, such as collaboration, personal responsibility, and getting along with others.

All courses end with a live production that gives students the opportunity to perform scenes and songs for family, friends, and the community.

Black Box’s Youth Programs are a wonderful gateway to the world of performing arts for children of all ages, and provide students with the skills necessary to succeed in the theater, classroom, and beyond.